Primary Engines inc.


I do my best to fix the environment one engine rebuild at a time. The fun part is… Horsepower is efficiency!

Primary Engines specialize in Honda engines, but have branched off to many imports.
I’ve been rebuilding engines and installing turbos on them since I was 18.  Fully licensed Automotive Service Technician.  My passion is building performance engines.  Experience with skyline (r32, r33, r35), supra, evo, mustang, nsx, s2000, sir, type r, and much much more high end cars.

Primary Engines specialize in:
– Engine overhauls
– Transmission overhauls
– Tig welding or Mig welding

When I build engines, a blueprint build sheet is supplied. Listing all the specs I checked. I even double check the machine shops work. You can view build sheets visit

For engines running aftermarket camshafts. I HIGHLY recommend having your
engine degreed at Primary Engines. Get the best HP & Torque where you want it!
Top end power or bottom end! Most importantly have piston to valve clearance & valve to valve clearance checked!

Is your engine burning oil? Overheating? Loosing its performance? Making bad sounds? Low in compression? I’ve fixed the worst of the worst, and turned them into perfectly running engines.

Engines I overhaul:

Honda, Acura, Ferarri, Subaru, Hyundai, Toyota, Scion, Volkswagen, Audi,

Chevrolet, BMW, Nissan, Mitsubishi, and others. Feel free to ask!

Transmissions I overhaul:

Honda & Acura manual transmissions

Call (705) 321-9440 (no texting, personal privacy)
No business hours. (For security and flexibility reasons)