Primary Engines stage 1.5 cylinder head

Primary Engines stage 1.5 cylinder head package deal. 


– Ferrea 5000 series std valves

– Ferrea Chrome moly valve locks

– Machine deck surface

– Machine valve seats

– Jet wash

– Overhaul cylinder head in Lab
5 Reasons why this cylinder head package deal is best bang for buck for stock cam n/a or boost applications. 

1. Ferrea lightweight valve (higher rpm limit)

2. Stronger valve (Ferrea offers a chrome moly valve tip, stainless valve stem & head)

3. Less spring pressure = more HP (less forces to fight)

4. Ferrea Chrome moly valve locks (Ferrea offers much better material and engineered for more support) 

5. More HP (Ferrea engineered their valve heads to flow more, add compression with flat faced valve head, seal better, and reduce valvetrain vibration by weight & balance) 


$1200+tax (no core included)

$1450+tax (core included) 

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